Day 1 -- May 15, 1995

We immediately hit some good roads in the Cherokee Mountains just east of Chattanooga. The best road of the day was US23/US441; it was a smooth high speed curving highway on the south side of the Smokey Mountains. Here's the path we took Monday:

Here's one of the first overlooks we came upon in the Cherrokee Mountains. I noticed that all the overlooks have been cleared so that you can enjoy the countryside.

This is my friend Craig. We've known each other since pre-Sunday School. We didn't become good friends until high school and he's the only guy I still talk to from that time period in my life. He's the kind of person who remains your friend no matter how much you change.

Craig's getting himself a picture of the countryside. We were both on the high school annual photography staff at W. W. Samuall in Dallas, Texas. We'll have at least two cameras with each of us on any trip.

I was trying to take a picture as I rode up the Cherokee Mountains, however, I pushed the button at the wrong time. This turned out to be a really cool picture!

We found this neat little river at the north entrance to the Great Smoking Mountains. It was a great rest stop.

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