Day 3 -- May 17, 1995

All day Wednesday was spent traveling up the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was a great ride on the bikes! The road is perfectly smooth and anytime there is a CRACK in the road, a sign is there to warn you. We saw just as many motorcycles as cars on this road.

This is just to prove that we were at Pisgah.

Being on the edge of a forest, we had many vistors. Last night a skunk waddled by our room, this chipmonk came to say "Hi," and a wild ferrit was in the trees to the left chasing something. I hope it wasn't a snake...

Remember the mess up that occurred on the first day where I took a picture of the ground? Well, here's the picture that was done right.

We never could get a clear picture of the mountains. The fog, or maybe I should say at this altitude, the clouds, were always getting in the way.

On a hike up to the top of Craggy Dome, Craig took a rest on this really interesting tree.

This is the top of Craggy Dome looking down the parkway across the local ranger station.

Just me returning from the top of Craggy Dome.

Here I am at the top of Mount Mitchell. This is the highest mountian east of the Mississippi at somewhere around 6500 feet.

Here we are at the Lindale Falls. We had to walk about a half of mile from the parkway to get to get here, but it was worth it.

Here's another good looking view I caught as I rode up the Parkway. Too bad that my picture wasn't any larger in size, I had run out of memory in the camera for the day.

I seem to take an awful lot of pictures of people taking pictures. Hmmm...

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