Day 4 -- May 18, 1995

After we got up Thursday morning, we realize we had to ride farther than expected. The section of US Highway 221 between Blowing Rock and Crossnore was the best road of the day. It follows the mountain side past Grandfather Mountain and below the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  • We managed to avoid the rain all week long. About 20 miles out side of Chattonooga, we stopped for a rest where the sign said "Scenic overlook." When we got of the highway, there was nothing to see! What a scenic overlook. We got back on the bikes and headed into the city. It soon began to rain and I started to get upset that I'd be soaked when backing the car. Almost immediately, our exit came up. We pulled off the road and under an over hang next to where we left the car. Here's a picture of Craig waiting out the rain.

    Next year, there's been talk of riding the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I'd also like to consider Canada and Mexico. If you have any suggestions, please mail me.

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