Motorcycle Trippin'

First, to all those with slow or text links, sorry. This is a picturesque documentary. All thumbnails are about 30K and pictures are about 160K.

Last year, my friend Craig and I took a motorcycle trip East to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. We were able to hit Bourbon Street, the Natchez Trace, gambling in Vicksburg, Hot Springs, and a cool Route 1 in Oklahoma. Here's the map, but I don't have any pictures:

For '95, we were in search of windy roads and mountains. We couldn't think of any better place than the Great Smoky Mountains, so we trailered the bikes to Chattanooga, Tennessee and headed northeast from there.

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This year, Criag and I are joining a motorcycle group as they ride through the Rocky Mountains. There are plans for a trip to the top of Pike's Peak, river rafting, and Winter Fest in Winter Park. I hope you'll follow me along as a write a web page for each day:

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