Robert-Charles(Rob) David Stokes

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  • In September 2009, Serena & I went with her brother & family to Germany to tour the major cities and hang with Christian.
  • During Ragbrai 2007 & 2008, I tried to blog and stream some of the trip as we crossed Iowa. Here's what I accomplished.
  • These are the procedures I went through to rebuild the Windows XP OS on a Toshiba M700 TabletPC.
  • Here are a few other posts that have been moved into a more stable web environment.

  • My Photo Album and Journals

    Belize 2000 Journal - In March 2000, I took an unexpected 6 day trip to Belize. Here's the journal that I kept and here's all my pictures.

    Motorcycle Trippin' - In the mid-90's, I went on an annual motorcycle trip with a friend of mine, Craig Golden. Check it out; I've got some pretty cool pictures.

    '93 European Trip Journal - In 1993, I took a month off from work and used a rail pass to travel around France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. I'm one of those people who like to track every penny; here's what I spent on my trip.

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